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1 Gram Cartridge 

Premium cannabis oil using Cannabis deriver terpenes to create a full spectrum feel. Medical grade ceramic components are long last, clean, and deliver a big hit.


Fits all 510 threaded batteries

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1g Disposables

Vapor Strains: Indica(I) Sativa(S) Hybrid(H)


Astro OG (I)   ATF (S)  Banana (H)

Blue Dream(S) Cuties(I)  Durban Poison(S)

Fanta(H) Gelato(I) GG#4(H) GS Cookie(H) Jamba Juice(S)  Mai Tai(H)  Mango(I)

OG Kush(I)  Piña Colada(S)  Pineapple(S)

Purple Champagne (S)   ReddBull (S)

Skywalker(I) Sour Diesel(S) Sour Kidz(S)

Stardust(H) Strawnana(H) Tahoe(I) Zkittles(I)


1/2g Disposables

All of our disposables feature a screw off bottom to recharge the battery just in case! 


(Standard Micro usb cable needed) 

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1g Rocket Fuel

Using the same full spectrum oil in our cartridges; rocket fuel can be dabbed, used for edibles, or taken raw.


Available in all vapor strains! 🚀


Paper Planes


We take premium moonrocks, dip it in full spectrum oil, and then dust them in keef.


Strains: Astro Og (I)  Banana Og (H) 

Cuties (I)  GG# (H)  GSC (H)  Og Kush (I) 

Jamba Juice (S)  Piña Colada (S)

PurpleChampagne (S)  Redbull (S)

Skywalker (I)  Tahoe (I)  Zkittles (I)

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Paper Plane Prerolls

Taking CBD flower combined with premium thc, thc oil, and keef; create this full sprctrum 1:1 Paperplane.

Available in all paper plane strains. 


Luna 5 Prerolls

5 pre rolled joints with premium cannabis, full spectrum oil, and dusted in keef 🚀


1:1 THC/CBD 
Luna 5 Pack 

5 pre rolled joints with premium CBD & THC cannabis, full spectrum oil, and dusted in keef. 


THC Capsules

Vegan, Kosher, made from all natural ingredients, THC distillate

mct oil, vegan capsules


35mg or 50mg x 20 Capsules

(50mg also available in singles).

Photo Mar 16, 3 05 13 PM.jpg

CBD Capsules

Vegan, Kosher, made from all natural ingredients, CBD distillate

mct oil.


MoonRockets LA Batteries

Can be used with any cartridge's, Standard 510 Thread. 

Quick charging, includes usb charger. 



Processed in house by our top rocket scientist! No additives or cuts.


High Potency

Small Batches

Clean Extraction 



The cleanest most pure form of THC:THCA.


Our extractors take the highest quality material to produce this amazing product. 

Photo Mar 12, 9 04 50 PM.jpg

Luna Rocks

MoonRockets LA started by making pre rolls and prefilled glass blunts.

We're going back to our roots with Luna Rocks that everyone LOVES!

Made w/ Top Shelf Flower, Comp Grade Oil & Kief

Available in 1/8oz and 1/4oz

Flights 4.JPG

Flight Edibles

MoonRockets Flights Gummies pack a real Punch! 🥊

Made from all natural ingredients, Gluten Free, Kosher, Dairy Free, Fat Free, Non GMO 3 Calories

Wholesale Only
Now Accepting BTC/DOGE/ETH!
Est. 2017 - Deleted 4x


© 2017 MoonRockets.LA 🚀

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