Moonrockets - Paper Planes Preroll

for Tokes Fit for a King, Spark Up Moonrockets La’s Paper Planes Preroll.

First Moonrockets LA Began by Creating Top Shelf Moonrocks of the Highest Quality.


Then Rolled Those Sticky, Powerful Nugs with a King Sized Raw Cone and Coated the Joint in 87% THC Distillate then Dusted in Dry-Sift Kief. 


The Result is a Preroll That Will Take You to the Moon and Back.

Every Toke Provides Profoundly Euphoric Sensations Thanks to this Masterful Blend Achieved by Moonrockets La.
11 Strains Available-Childproof Packaging

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Moonrockets - Luna 5  PreRolls, come in a re-closable child resistant metal tin!

Filled with Top Shelf starting material, dipped in distillate and dusted in DRY-SIFT Kief!




MoonRockets Disposable Vapour Pens

Come Pre-Charged, Allowing Users To Purchase, Open, and Start Puffing Immediately 


Their Extraction Artists Began with Premium Starting Plant Material, then Isolated the Cannabinoids and Terpenes, Resulting in Oil that Captures the Essence of Life, 100% Naturally Derived Terpenes are Expressed to The Fullest with Every Puff!


1000mg CARTS

MoonRockets Vapour Carts and Disposables are made from all natural ingredients and come available in the following strains. 

• Astro OG (I)

• ATF (S)

• Banana (H)

• Blue Dream (S)

• Cardi G (S)

• Cuties (I)

• Durban Poison (S)

• Fanta (S)

• Gelato (I)

• GSC (H)

• GG#4 (H)

• Jamba Juice (S)

• Lemon Drop (H)

• MaiTai (H)

• Mango Tango (I)

• OG Kush (I)

• Orbitz (H)

• Pineapple (H)

• Purple Champagne (S)

• ReddBull (S)

• SFV OG (H)

• Skywalker (I)

• Stardust (H)

• Strawnana (H)

• Sour D (S)

• Sour Kids (S)

• Sprite (S)

• Tahoe OG (I)

• Zkittles (I)


Paper Planes Prerolls

For tokes fit for a king, spark up MoonRockets LA’s Paper Planes Preroll.

First MoonRockets LA began by creating Top Shelf moonrocks of the highest quality.

Then rolled those sticky, powerful nugs with a King Sized RAW cone and coated the joint in 87% THC distillate then dusted it in dry-sift kief.


The result is a preroll that will take you to the moon and back.

Every toke provides profoundly euphoric sensations thanks to this masterful blend achieved by MoonRockets LA.

This is a true revolution! Can be used several ways, continue reading below!


You asked and we delivered! now you can refill your

own carts (Jewel, Paxx) with​ your favorite strains from

MoonRockets LA's premium quality, Lab tested Distillate!

The Glass Dabbing tip is heat resistant so dabs can be

produced right from the dart directly! 

Remove the entire tip before you dab, there are 2 pieces!
Heat a Quartz nail until red, then cooled 1 min

Press plunger slowly! Prepare For LiftOff!

The oil can be added to bowls, and used to seal

Blunts and Joints!


It's great for cooking! Add one Rocket Fuel to canola/coconut/peanut oil

then use the oil for cooking or baking! 

Broken into 10 Cookies/Brownies/Gummys

makes them about 75mg per serving!

Finally it can be mixed warm with lotions or other oil based beauty products Cannabis oil is known to stimulate hair growth, and promote the production of lipids, which help fight chronic skin conditions including acne and psoriasis.

Added to lotions for pain, it can help relieve by inhibiting the neutral transmission in the body's pain pathways.  


MoonRockets Brand Batteries come precharged and ready to use. 3.7v, and non proprietary design allows them to be used on other brands too!

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